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Smattering salvation

  salvation is goal of the soul Salvation is ultimate duty and destination of the soul   Like a river's goal is to go back from where it was originated, the ocean ,similarly our soul also longs for the salvation , that is go back to transcendental supersoul , Now that i have some basic knowledge about salvation  , now another question comes to existence is that how to go about it  So to understand how to go about salvation , we need to understand our body first So what is our body ? - our body is composed of 3  principal constituents namely - the soul , the mind , 5 sense organ  Imagine of this body as a chariot that takes us to the supreme soul , 5 sense organs are the horses , mind is the one who drives them , soul is the one who takes the fare 5 sense organs each have their own desires , desires call them continuously , mind gets saturated pleasure , if these sense organs are satisfied by their desires But here the soul should put brakes on the mind , so that the m

Devotion Deciphered

In an  attempt to have devotion deciphered, I have set the pen in motion, Smattering devotion is a task of audacity, As everyone's​ discerning, I am here to divulge, The Alchemy of a juvenile to prodigy, The world is largely invested to deception, While devotion is an artillery to reality, Misapprehension is so vivacious, Utopianism is looking so tenacious, Devotion is dwindled to the rapacious, Paucity of devotion is inducted by the perfidy, Humans now are so treacherous, That they made devotion art of deception, Forgetting their Inception They are now disbanded to the core, There is nothing I could add more, I pensively Dwell on remorse, I feel urge to be bewildered, I might be on my way to repentance, Yet I feel so penitent, The whole thing is predicated on clairvoyance, Devotion is often subjected to divination Mistaken for prescience, It feels to be based on convolution, I find myself muddled on allegations, Population moots me a addled, I m

Indulging delusion

I summon you,the unborn Little stubborn,made up of meat ball,  Out from from darkness to the light,  you had to put up a fight From the void to become child, You had to prove your gender, To the uterus lender To the tests numerous other There rests you promising to be sin free  You failed on it Sailed on to delusion With so much confusion Sent to be sin free You went on a indulgence spree Feeling the source of induction You were resultant force Unaware of the goal You diluted your soul That is a fool in making With thoughts shaking Something is lacking Since you are a sin out of a sin You ought to be  indulging delusion In form of saturated pleasure That is so faux scrumptious... So nonsensious  Wise thing to do  Embrace  the call O dear meat ball Delusion is your fear But the conclusion is very near O dear meat ball Dear unborn Dear child I summon you to sever the delusion.