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Smattering salvation


salvation is goal of the soul
Salvation is ultimate duty and destination of the soul

  Like a river's goal is to go back from where it was originated, the ocean ,similarly our soul also longs for the salvation , that is go back to transcendental supersoul , Now that i have some basic knowledge about salvation
 , now another question comes to existence is that how to go about it

 So to understand how to go about salvation , we need to understand our body first

So what is our body ? - our body is composed of 3  principal constituents namely - the soul , the mind , 5 sense organ
 Imagine of this body as a chariot that takes us to the supreme soul , 5 sense organs are the horses , mind is the one who drives them , soul is the one who takes the fare
5 sense organs each have their own desires , desires call them continuously , mind gets saturated pleasure , if these sense organs are satisfied by their desires
But here the soul should put brakes on the mind , so that the mind won't dive into the desires
 So all in all , our sub goal is to make soul the master of mind
 As easily as I have said this ,  its that difficult to achieve , but not impossible
 Soul can be made the master by two pillars
 Namely Education and discipline
 Education means practice , discipline with no expectations Or wishes remain to be fulfilled
 Salvation takes place when there are no wishes to be fulfilled , so ahead grasp it

Note : it is it transcript of my ASSESSMENT OF SPEAKING & LISTENING, which was done 4years ago , readers are requested to to ignore the formatting issues , inconveniences caused are deeply regretted


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